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Size Verification

PROPERTY SIZE VERIFICATION    Marketing a property with an accurate size estimate is crucial in this competitive market.  Real estate agents typically compare prices on a "per square foot" basis when pricing a property for sale or when analyzing your sales price to other competing listings and comparable sales.  You don't want your price/sf to be higher or lower than it really is.  Make sure it's as accurate as possible by having your property measured by our Premier 360 Tours formerly Certified Residential Appraisers.  There is no longer any reason to rely on county tax records or an owner's best estimate which may not be as accurate. 

Larger than CAD?  How much larger?  Other property measurement services may take digital readings from inside the property to calculate the property size, but this method does not represent the true square footage.  We will measure your property according to accepted appraisal standards and provide a detailed report showing a more accurate size estimate down to 1/10th foot.  Contact us today to schedule a Premier property size estimate report.

SIZE VERIFICATION PRICING   $.05/sf  (Add $.04/sf additional for our verification/marketing floor plan
bundle package).   $100 minimum charge for properties under 2,500 sf.

                                               VERIFICATION REPORT SAMPLES


Trip fees apply to properties outside our primary coverage area