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Terms & Conditions

PREMIER 360 TOURS MISSION    Our mission at Premier 360 Tours is to provide our clients with the very best internet marketing services available at a reasonable price with prompt turn-around. 

In order to maintain the highest level of service for our customers and to consistently manage client expectations, we have set forth these terms and conditions in order to ensure a successful partnership with you.  By utilizing the services of Premier 360 Tours, you are acknowledging and agreeing to these terms and conditions.

  • We respect your time. Appointment times will be adhered to on a strict basis and we will be at your property on time and expect the same from our clients.  If our daily schedule has been impacted by any unexpected delays, we will contact you by phone well in advance to make appropriate arrangements.
  • We are an affiliate member of the Austin Board of Realtors and have  Supra Key access.  Simply provide a CBS code and we can access your property without the need to meet us there.
  • Services for properties with CBS code access will be placed on a "floating" schedule on the appointment date meaning service will be performed within a 2 hour window before or after the requested appointment time.
  • For virtual tour and photography services, properties must be ready to shoot by the scheduled appointment time.  We cannot wait on-site for a property to be staged, cleaned or arranged while we are shooting.  This will prolong shooting times and can cause significant delays in our daily schedule which is not fair to our other clients. In the event this occurs, we reserve the right the end the session after the reasonable allotted session time, with or without the session being completed, and will reschedule a time to complete the shoot for an additional $30 continuation fee.
  • For liability reasons, we will not move any personal items such as furniture, pictures, decorative items, etc...  The property should be "photo-ready" by the scheduled appointment time. 
  • In the event that we cannot access a property for a scheduled service, a $30 "no show" fee will be assessed to the client, and a rescheduled appointment time will be required.
  • Payment is due at the time services are delivered to the client.
  • A reschedule or cancellation of services must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled service date/time or a $50 late cancellation fee may be assessed.
  • Services may not be canceled once the property has been photographed or measured. Clients will be responsible for full payment of services rendered.   
  • If inclement weather conditions (rain or dark overcast clouds) are present during the day of your scheduled service, we will contact you for instructions to proceed with the services or to reschedule.  We will normally proceed with a photo shoot on a cloudy or overcast day unless instructed well in advance to reschedule.

      * When you choose to hire Premier 360 Tours, you acknowledge your acceptance of
        these terms and conditions.

TIPS FOR A PERFECT PHOTO SHOOT   We want you to be completely satisfied with the way your photos look because there's only one chance to make a positive first impression through your imagery.  Here are some tips to make sure your property portraits will look absolutely outstanding.

  • Make sure the property is clean, free of clutter and staged for a showing. 
  • Turn all lights on, replace non-working bulbs and turn all ceiling fans off.
  • Remove all non-decorative items from all countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Clean all mirrors and windows.
  • Minimize or remove personal pictures and photographs.
  • Pleased keep children and pets supervised and out of view of the camera.
  • Make all beds.
  • Straighten all linens and towels in the bathrooms.
  • Remove all refrigerator clutter, dishes/pots/pans from the kitchen sink, and kitchen towels.
  • Move exercise equipment out of view.
  • Manicure lawn and flower beds.
  • Remove vehicles from the driveway.
  • Remove trashcans, recycle bins, garden hoses, basketball goals and debris.
  • Remove all other items you don't want photographed. 

Copyright Protection 

All digital and print images, virtual tours, floor plans, size verification reports and marketing material produced by Premier 360 Tours, including the contents of this website, are the property of Premier 360 Tours and are protected by U.S. copyright. 

Any unauthorized reproduction or storage of copyright protected material is a violation of law. 

Copyright protected material may not be altered or modified in any way.

Permission to use this copyright material is exclusively granted to the client who purchased these materials directly from Premier 360 Tours for use in their print and on-line marketing for the property and their business. 

Non-payment for copyright material provided to the client is an infringement of the copyright, and therefore the material may not be used by the client in any way.

No copyright protected material may be reused or resold to any third party without express written permission and payment of license fees to Premier 360 Tours.